Granada firemen save man's penis stuck in a tube

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One of the firemen went home to get a Do It Yourself cicular saw to carry out the proceedure. Granada fire-fighters have avoided the need for a penis to be amputated after it got stuck in a steel cylinder after a 52 year old man had placed it there in what appears to be part of a sexual act. Doctors in the emergency department of the Hospital Ruiz de Alda in Granada were unable to release the member, as it seems the penis was suffering what is described as ‘an important inflammation’. The doctors found they could not cut the tube which was some two centimetres diameter and four millimetres thick, and something over five centimetres long and which was strangling the penis, stopping the erection from going down. The fire service decided to cut the tube with a do it yourself Bremen circular saw which the sub-inspector brought from his home and the fire service did not have such a device which could be operated with the needed precision. Ideal newspaper says the procedure took two hours and was carried out in the hospital operating theatre. A spokesman from the fire-service said it was the first time they had intervened in a hospital operating theatre, although they are often called to extract organs trapped in vending machines, such as fingers or arms. The hospital has declined to comment on the case.