'FAT' Freddie Thompson is is now “a dead man walking”, he is in hiding in Dublin after he was forced to flee Spain by a Russian drugs gang.

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Thompson is now “a dead man walking”, according to senior gardai.
'FAT' Freddie Thompson is this evening in hiding in Dublin after he was forced to flee Spain by a Russian drugs gang.The thug had originally fled Dublin and was in hiding on the Costa Blanca after the INLA ordered him dead. Now garda sources have revealed that a Russian gang have been upset by the inner city thug, and want him dead. Caught in no man’s land, Thompson is now moving between addresses in Clondalkin and Rathcoole as various criminal and republican elements try to track him down.
A senior garda monitoring the situation “He doesn’t know what he’s doing from one hour to the next. He is constantly on the move. "He has at least three locations in Dublin alone which he uses to put his head down at night."
Thompson has been subjected to at least two attempts on his life since he returned to the capital earlier this month. On Monday, a bomb threat was made to Lowe's pub in Dolphin's Barn where Thompson was expected to be following the removal mass of an associate. Despite the threats, Thompson appeared in the open for the funeral of his girlfriend's brother this week. Leslie Dempsey, who was just 26-years-old when he died last week, was a sister of Vicky, Thompson's girlfriend. At his funeral on Tuesday, Thompson made a rare public appearance causing a stir among mourners and undercover gardai. He arrived at the funeral in Crumlin just as proceedings were about to get underway and quickly mingled with a group of men at the back of the church. His sudden appearance caused a bustle among his gang, who appeared to gather around him eagerly. Two of the men immediately caught each other's attention and nodded towards the door of the church before leaving swiftly as if to scan the perimeter of the building. They arrived back a short time later when it appeared the coast was clear. Freddie Thompson appeared relaxed, wearing a striped shirt out over his denim jeans. He was clean-shaven, with his head also freshly shaved. The only occasional hint of stress from Thompson was a few times when he rubbed his face while glancing around at the crowd in the church. But it was those around him that appeared most nervous. About 15 minutes into the funeral mass Thompson was approached by a man who appeared to give him a tap on the arm as he passed towards the door, leading Thompson and his group to follow. And then in the warm summer haze, Thompson, incredibly, stayed in open territory, chatting with his group and having the odd laugh with them. The fact that he was in wide open view to everybody did not seem to faze him, and there he stayed until the funeral mass was over and the body of his girlfriend's brother was carried from the church.
Freddie Thompson appears fitter and healthier than his cohorts in most of the photographs that people are used to seeing in the media. Usually guarded about appearing anywhere an enemy could be lying in wait, he used the presence of the gardai as protection, as well as the presence of a large number of friends.
It is rare that Thompson stands still long enough to be pictured in public without something like a baseball cap to help shield his image from prying eyes, but old-fashioned funeral etiquette meant that this appearance was always going to be different. And despite initial attempts to keep his return to the city under wraps, Thompson has been repeatedly spotted and targeted. Two social occasions attended by the 27-year-old in the past two weeks have both been targeted by hoax bomb threats -- leaving Freddie in no doubt that he is still a marked man.
Gardai too intend to keep a close an eye on the hood.