“Crazy Night” of Alcohol and Unprotected Sex

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Adolescent Romantic Relations and Sexual Behavior: Theory, Research, and Practical ImplicationsAccording to a new study prepared by officials of the Spanish Society of Contraception and the Study Circle of Contraception, 38.4% of young adolsecent girls in Spain between the ages of 19 and 29 have admitted to having had sexual relations without using contraceptives with 30% of them admitting to having consumed alcohol prior to the encounter


Spain foreclosures may triple in '11: report - MarketWatch

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Spain foreclosures may triple in '11: report - MarketWatch: "Foreclosed homes for sale in Spain may triple in number in 2011 owing to new accounting rules that push banks to shed depreciating assets more quickly, according to a report. Fernando Acuna, the co-founder of Pisos Embargoes de Bancos, which advertises repossessed properties, made the comment in an interview with Bloomberg News. He said about 100,000 repossessed houses and apartments are now on the market, with a quarter of them listed on his website, on behalf of 25 banks. In September, the Bank of Spain began requiring banks to account for a fall in property values of at least 30% if they keep those assets more than two years."


Dreaded Asian Hornet has arrived in Spain

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Dreaded Asian Hornet has arrived in Spain: "It’s been confirmed that ‘Vespa Velutina’, the Asian hornet which attacks bees and can decimate hives, has crossed from France into Spain. It was first seen in South West France in 2005, where it’s believed to have arrived on a container ship which docked in port in Bordeaux, and spread rapidly to 32 French departments.

The Basque Country’s Beekeepers’ Association issued a warning on Tuesday that the hornet was spotted this summer in Irun, Hondarribia and Oiartzun, and there are concerns now that it will be capable of adapting to drier climates and spreading to other parts of Spain."


Marbella Town Hall has, this Tuesday, given the go-ahead to regularise more than 200 properties which were built illegally during the time the GIL Par

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was in power in the town. It affects two developments of a total of 225 houses, which are now made legal under Marbella’s new local development plan, the PGOU, and the compensations system set out under the plan. Santa María Green Hills, in Las Chapas, and El Palmeral in Nueva Andalucía.The Town Hall gave the names of the urbanisations concerned in a press release on Tuesday

In the first case, the developer’s compensation to the Town Hall for exceeding the ‘buildable’ area is payment of more than half a million €, plus carrying out improvements to the road which passes in front of the urbanisation. The agreement for the developer of El Palmeral, in addition to monetary compensation, is ceding an area of land to be used for social housing and another area for a park. Responsibility for creating the park will fall to the development company itself.

It’s understood the Town Hall hopes to regularise the situation of 1,000 of the 16,500 properties to be made legal under the PGOU before the end of this year.


Opposing Views: Woman Has Orgasm on Video, Gets Spanish People to Vote

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Opposing Views: Woman Has Orgasm on Video, Gets Spanish People to Vote: "The Socialist Catalonian Party in Spain is causing a stir with this 'orgasm' commercial made to drive voters to the polls.The commercial depicts a woman having just voted turned on to the point of orgasm. It's causing a fuss from both the right & the left in Spain. Some say it's derogatory towards women. What do you think? Offensive, funny, empowering?"


Family sues Moroccan minister over death of Spaniard in West Sahara - Monsters and Critics

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Family sues Moroccan minister over death of Spaniard in West Sahara - Monsters and Critics: "The family of a Spaniard killed in the recent unrest in Moroccan-ruled Western Sahara on Monday sued Moroccan Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui at Spain's National Court.
The family of Baby Hamday Buyema also accused the local police chief and several police officers, who have not yet been identified, of causing his death.
Hamday - a Saharan engineer with Spanish nationality - was killed during several days of unrest which followed a Moroccan raid on a protest camp demanding social improvements near the Saharan capital Laayoune on November 8.
Police forced Hamday to come down from a bus and hit him deliberately with a police vehicle, causing him such serious injuries that he died, the family claim in a court document."


Spain Banks Face Debt Challenge as ECB Cuts Cash, Moody’s Says - Bloomberg

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Spain Banks Face Debt Challenge as ECB Cuts Cash, Moody’s Says - Bloomberg: "Spanish banks may struggle to refinance covered bonds as the European Central Bank’s plan to reduce liquidity supports forces lenders to tap debt markets at record-high yield spreads, Moody’s Investors Service said.
The higher cost of refinancing is a “credit negative development” for covered bond issuers, “especially if the ECB pulls back its support,” Moody’s analyst Tomas Rodriguez-Vigil Junco wrote in a report today. Spanish lenders have about 70 billion euros ($96 billion) of covered bonds coming due in the next two years, the analysts wrote.
Covered bonds are backed by mortgages or public-sector loans and are guaranteed by the issuer. Banks can pledge the assets as collateral for ECB loans at official interest rates, which are typically lower than rates demanded in debt markets.
Spanish Banks rated below A1, the fifth-highest investment grade, face the biggest refinancing burden because they account for about 50 percent of the total mortgage covered bonds due next year, the Moody’s analysts wrote."


Spanish city of La Linea has staked claim on a share of Gibraltar online gaming revenues

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Online Gambling News from Germany and Spain: "The Spanish city of La Linea has staked claim on a share of Gibraltar's online gaming revenues.
Six years ago, Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co OHG, popularly known as Westlotto, had applied for an injunction for preventing the online gaming operator bwin International from organizing, mediating and advertising sports betting, casino and lottery games in Germany. In February 2008 and in July 2010 bwin had received favorable decisions from the lower courts. The matter had then moved to the Federal Supreme Court. Now the country's highest court has also ruled in favor of bwin stating that Westlotto cannot obtain the desired injunctive relief against bwin."


Saudi royal health scare: Why it matters

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BBC News - Saudi royal health scare: Why it matters: "Suddenly the health of three of the most powerful men in Saudi Arabia is in the news.
King Abdullah, who is 86, is preparing to travel to America for the treatment of a herniated disc.
Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has been rushed home from recuperation in Morocco.
Another contender for the throne, the governor of Riyadh, Prince Salman, is coming home after surgery abroad.
Even by Saudi standards - where princes at the top of the hierarchy are all of advanced age - this is a highly unusual combination of events
And this may explain why the Saudi royal family has been relatively quick in releasing the news about the health of the king.
The family has sought to reassure oil markets and their international allies that there will be no power vacuum while King Abdullah is abroad."


Sir Sean Connery ordered to pay £50m court bond by judge in property fraud probe - The Daily Record

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Sir Sean Connery ordered to pay £50m court bond by judge in property fraud probe - The Daily Record: "SEAN Connery has been ordered to stump up £50million after being accused of being part of a property fraud.
The 007 star, his wife Micheline and others have been told to pay the massive bond or face an investigation by police and tax officials.
A judge in the Marbella case, dubbed 'Goldfinger', also warned that property belonging to the veteran actor could be seized if he fails to deposit the cash.
Ricardo Puyol told the group, including Connery, Marbella's former mayor and planning officials, that they are responsible for covering civil costs.
The Scots star and Micheline sold Casa Malibu in 1999 for around £5.5million.
It was later demolished and replaced by 72 flats, which were sold for £45million.
Spanish authorities say there was only planning permission for five homes."


Morocco will appear before European Parliament to explain Sahara actions

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Morocco will appear before European Parliament to explain Sahara actions: "Foreign Minister of Morocco, Taib Fassi Fihri, has offered today to appear before the European Parliament (EP) to explain what happened in Laayoune and address the situation of Western Sahara with MEPs.

Fasi Fihri made his offer at a meeting in Brussels with President of the Freedoms and Justice Commission of the Parliament, the Spaniard Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, as reported by his office in a statement.

At that event, which was not planned in advance, the Moroccan Minister expressed his willingness to appear at the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament next week, when MEPs held its plenary session in Strasbourg (France).

Lopez Aguilar, leader of the Spanish Socialist delegation in the EP, praised the commitment of Fasi Fihri and underlined that the Parliament 'will remain vigilant in requiring respect for human rights.'

On Tuesday, Liberal and Green groups in Brussels organized a seminar on the state of European politics Sahara to Morocco, which participated, among others, the Sahrawi activist Haidar."


French traveler on Ryanair from Morocco demonstration | French Tribune

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French traveler on Ryanair from Morocco demonstration | French Tribune: "100 furious travelers on Wednesday declined to put down a Ryanair flight subsequent to it was sidetracked to Belgium, trying that they be sent home, as per the police force and firefighters.
The travelers, mainly French travelers who were thought to land close to Paris subsequent to coming back from vacations in Morocco, be seated in a shady cabin in remonstration hours subsequent to even the crew and pilot had left the aircraft in southern Belgium at the Liege airport.
According to, a business holder who was taking flight with his wife, a two-month-old baby and a three-year-old, Reda Yahiyaoui expressed that the passengers had no service for water and the lavatory in the plane were locked. Serbia Abdelkader Mesdoua, Algerian Ambassador with his family and workers of the ambassadorial assignment made a welcome on Monday in Belgrade evening indicating the Algerian national holiday which is the Revolution Day, attended by frequent Serbian visitors and overseas ambassador attributed in Serbia.
The Revolution Day memorializes the commencement of Algeria’s decolonization combat alongside France on November 1, 1954."


Gibraltar is attempting to stave off a subpoena of its president, Steven Hayworth.| South Florida Business Journal

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Banks not off hook yet in Rothstein case | South Florida Business Journal: "Should those banks where disgraced attorney Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme laundered his ill-gotten gains be held accountable? And can victims of his $1.2 billion scheme be allowed to sue them?
“You can’t steal $1.2 billion in a complex Ponzi scheme without help,” said William Scherer, attorney for Rothstein’s investors. “They helped him …. They knew what he was doing was illegal.”
Scherer made his argument Thursday morning, during a hearing in which attorneys for Toronto-based TD Bank and Coral Gables-based Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust asked Broward County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Streitfeld to dismiss a $160 million lawsuit filed against them by the investors.
The lawsuit details numerous overdrafts and account transfers by Rothstein, and e-mails showing that bank officers raised concerns about the activity.
“You cannot, if you are a responsible lending institution with even the most fundamental understanding of banking laws, permit a law firm to put trust fund money in your own operating account, much less your personal account – and that is what you’ve alleged,” Streitfeld said.
Scherer acknowledged that the suit does not allege the bank knew Rothstein was running a Ponzi scheme, but that it should have detected illegal conduct.
Gibraltar is also attempting to stave off a subpoena of its president, Steven Hayworth.
Attorneys were also arguing over attempts to obtain records from Gibraltar."


A British man and the Director of a Marbella lawyers’ office are among those arrested

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in a new National Police operation against money laundering. French and United States citizens have also been detained in the operation, carried out on Tuesday.

Europa Press reports they are all likely to appear shortly in the Marbella court instructing the case.

The investigation started some six months ago and has been carried out by agents from the National Police Money Laundering Unit together with the UDYCO Organised Crime Unit based on the Costa del Sol. It’s understood investigations were based in both Marbella and Fuengirola.A large amount of documentation, both paper and computer data, has been removed for study.


C. de Salamanca car dealership in Marbella has confirmed the sale of the most expensive car ever to be sold in Spain.

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It’s the latest model from the British firm, Aston Martin, which sells at 1.35 million € before tax, about 1.8 million € with tax.
The dealership has not named the purchaser, but has described him as a successful foreign businessman, middle aged, and a car fan. He spends a great deal of time in Marbella, and the dealer says has taken five months to decide on the purchase, paying a 400,000 € deposit.

The ONE-77 will be delivered in March next year in a deal which the dealership did directly with the Aston Market factory in Gaydon, Warwickshire, U.K. The client has been to the factory to request the personalisation’s of the vehicle which will come in a blue silver and with the steering wheel on the left for European driving.

Aston Martin are to make only 77 cars of the model which boasts an engine with 12 cylinders and 760 horsepower.

José Carlos de Salamanca, the manager of the Marbella dealership, says that puts it on a par with a Formula One car from just a few years ago.


impounded 13 motorbikes and arrested a British man

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SEPRONA, the Environmental wing of the Guardia Civil, has who was organising excursions in the Sierra Tejeda Nature Park near Nerja, without being legally constituted to do so, and without paying any tax.

Málaga Hoy reports that most of his clients were other Britons who reserved over the internet for a package of a few days rest in the sierra which included motorbike excursions in the Nature Park at a price of between 400 and 500 €.

SEPRONA say they caught the man, in fraganti during a trip with 13 bikes, which also had foreign registration, and which have now been impounded until they can be released by Spanish customs authorities.

It was the. The trips continued during the summer when there is a ban on any motor vehicle travelling in the Nature Park because of the risk of forest fires.


National Police have arrested four people for the theft of items of incalculable value which had been pillaged from first and fourth century tombs in

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National Police have arrested four people for the theft of items of incalculable value which had been pillaged from first and fourth century tombs in Córdoba.

Some of them come from the necropolis recovered in a private estate in the town of Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba, which came to light after the floods of last August. At the time the Junta de Andalucía decided to cover up the site, to better conserve the remains and in an attempt to stop any depredations.

El Mundo reports that the pieces which have now been recovered had been taken from the Provincial Cultural Delegation warehouses belonging to the Junta de Andalucía, where they were being kept while a decision on their future was being taken.

Among those arrested is a Belgian-Lebanese man, who took the base of a column from the Medina Azahara in Córdoba, dating from the Omeya Caliphate out of the country, to then sell it at Christie’s auction house in London for some 150,000 €. It was the sale of that item which led the police to start their investigations. The man was located with the help of Interpol and arrested in Marbella on charges of contraband.

The man who sold the base to the Belgian man, an antique dealer in Ronda, has also been arrested. The dealer knew people who could supply such valuable items.

Other items now recovered include a late Roman mosaic, Neolithic axes, Roman projectiles, an Oniokoe, and more than 300 Arab and Roman coins taken from the necropolis in Aguilar de la Frontera.

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Three Guardia Civil and two lawyers have been arrested and imprisoned

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Three Guardia Civil and two lawyers have been arrested and imprisoned in an anti-drug operation which started with raids in Marbella. A total of ten people are being held in prison on remand.

The case comes as a result of a 1,400 kilo hashish haul found on a Marbella beach back on September 21, and reports indicate that the police operation remains open this (Tuesday) morning.

The Guardia Civil Internal Affairs Unit, based in Madrid has been directing the operation with a court in Málaga province, and Diario Sur reports that there are at least 12 arrest in total since September.

One of the arrested Guardia Civil is reported to be based with the Judicial Police in Málaga, while another is reported to be based in Córdoba.


Outraged villagers protest over open-air sex at naturist beach | Life and style | The Observer

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Outraged villagers protest over open-air sex at naturist beach | Life and style | The Observer: "Europe's largest nudist colony has a more prudish message for over-enthusiastic visitors who are upsetting the natural order of things: no sex, please, we're naturists.
According to unhappy locals, 'an explosion of libertarianism' is turning their 40-year-old resort into the 'European capital of debauchery' and an 'open-air brothel'. Their anger is directed at an influx of foreign nudists with, they claim, only one thing on their minds. The newcomers, they say, are more interested in orgies and naked exhibitionism.
Among the worst culprits, say villagers, whose numbers go from 300 in winter to 40,000 in the high season, are Italians. Local naturists, including many grandparents, said they were 'shocked' by the sight of couples copulating in public."


Expat bars in Southern Spain have been targeted by a police search for wanted criminals

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British pubs raided on Costa del Sol - Telegraph: "Expat bars in Southern Spain have been targeted by a police search for wanted criminals.

Popular hideout: the Costa del Sol in Spain has long been favoured by British fugitives A police raid on the Costa del Sol for on-the-run criminals has targeted 15 British pubs. Armed officers spent four days searching bars in the popular holiday resort for their most-wanted criminals.
Operation Cardhu targeted pubs and bars in the resorts of Marbella, Fuengirola, Calahonda, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and La Cala."


Anti-Mafia squad commander Giampaolo Ganzer said the operation had "decapitated" the shadowy Cosa Nostra clans.

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Italian police detained 47 suspected mobsters in a massive swoop on the Mafia and their supporters.
Yesterday's arrests included Mafia dons, businessmen, civil servants and a member of Sicily's regional council, Fausto Fagone.
Raffaele Lombardo, Sicily's governor, is also under investigation in the probe, which netted about £400million of mob assets.
Anti-Mafia squad commander Giampaolo Ganzer said the operation had "decapitated" the shadowy Cosa Nostra clans.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/11/04/47-arrests-in-mob-swoop-115875-22690978/#ixzz14W9iudmi


killer who escaped from custody after strangling his girlfriend in west London 16 years ago and raped two women while on the run in Spain will be sent

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killer who escaped from custody after strangling his girlfriend in west London 16 years ago and raped two women while on the run in Spain will be sentenced.
Miguel da Silva was found guilty of murdering mother-of-two Susan Martin in September 1994 by an Old Bailey jury.
The asylum seeker, described as "possessive and controlling", throttled his 44-year-old lover the day before she planned to leave him to go back to Manchester.
Ms Martin's body was discovered face down with a beige cloth tied tight around her neck in her bedroom in Notting Hill, west London.
Da Silva, 24 at the time, handed himself in to police and was remanded to secure accommodation in Ealing Hospital while an assessment of his mental health was being carried out. But during a fire drill in 1995 the Angolan escaped and fled to Spain.
In January 1999 he was jailed for seven years for raping a woman he had befriended in Torremolinos and in May 2008 he was given a nine-year sentence for a similar attack in Salamanca. But the crimes did not at first lead to his capture by British police as he was using false identities.
It was only after detectives launched a cold case review last year and spoke to associates that they decided to circulate his fingerprints to Spain and Portugal and discovered that he was already in custody.
He was extradited to Britain on the understanding that he be returned to Spain after his trial to complete his jail spell for the rape before starting his sentence for the murder.
Da Silva, who is now 40, denied the allegation but on the day his trial was due to start admitted manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility


Police crackdown on British organised crime on the Costa del Sol

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Police crackdown on British organised crime on the Costa del Sol: "Costa del Sol is also a favorite haunt of Irish criminals, especially those who are quickly becoming drug barons. These criminals are taking center stage in the drug trade and creating infrastructure in Málaga, and establishing contact with Moroccan traffickers.
Between 2008 and 2009, three drug lords died in settling of scores. The gangs have hired people in the Costa del Sol, and when they need to settle scores, they do so in the same area. Police cited the example of the death on 21 April, of a 32 year old British man gunned down in his apartment in Benalmadena following an abortive attempt to 'rip off' his local drugs baron."


Ex-building society chief takes refuge in Spanish bolt hole - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie

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Ex-building society chief takes refuge in Spanish bolt hole - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie: "FORMER building society boss Michael Fingleton has taken refuge from the banking crisis in a luxury Spanish apartment that his creditors cannot touch.
The former Irish Nationwide chief executive, being pursued by Ulster Bank over €13.6m in unpaid loans, has the use of two plush apartments overlooking a golf course in upmarket Marbella, the Irish Independent has learned.
However, the apartments cannot be seized by the bank as they are registered in the name of Mr Fingleton's wife, Eileen, and another relative.
The apartments were bought for a combined total of €1.2m in 2005, Spanish property records reveal."