Charlie Wilson,s alleged killer resurfaces AKA Willy Douglas, Terence Tompkins, William Baird McDonald,Willy Grant,(Update)

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Great Train Robber, Charlie Wilson, 57,was shot dead along with his dog by a man on a motorbike, on the doorstep of his Villa in Marbella in 1990. , initiating a gangland feud.Wilson’s wife, Pat, witnessed the murder and said Grant was the gunman
The gunman was never caught, but the getaway car driver, Danny `Scarface’ Roff, was himself the target of a fatal hit in 1997. Roff was already in a wheelchair after a gunman sprayed the bar of a south London club with bullets the year before.A Scottish man who faked his own death and is linked with the murder of Great Train Robber Charlie Wilson may be living in Ireland.
Walter "Wattie" Douglas AKA Willy Grant, 37, from the east end of Glasgow, is still wanted by Spanish police for questioning over Wilson’s murder in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.
He is also wanted in connection with a child abduction case in Portugal and a shooting in England.Portuguese police were also looking for him at the same time over suspected involvement in a child abduction incident.
But Grant was never found, and in 1991 word had reached Glasgow that he had died abroad.But a body was never brought home for burial.
Police thought that was the end of the matter until four Scotsmen, and two others, were held over a large consignment of drugs in Dublin recently.
After questioning the six men, police reopened their files on Grant, working on the belief that he was operating in Ireland.
Grant was close to a Scottish crime lord known as Tam "The Licensee" McGraw, who may have had an involvement with the heroin haul.The Licensee was, until his death,on July 30, 2007 , believed to be living off and on in Marbella with his hired former Serbian Army bodyguards.
The crime boss had been cleared, in 1998, after a lengthy trial, of smuggling cannabis from Spain into Scotland using a school bus full of children as cover.The case against him was found not proven, but his brother-in-law, John Healy, was jailed for 10 years.There will be a good few who will be raising their glasses because, while he has been on the Costa Del Crime, he has been in the frame for murder and grassing other guys up.Douglas, of Ruchill, Glasgow, was arrested in Ibiza .
Police swooped after he got off a flight using a fake passport with the name William Baird McDonald.
It is one of two false aliases he uses, the other being Terence Tompkins.
A judge in Marbella issued a warrant for his arrest.
He is accused of masterminding a massive money-laundering operation in southern Spain involving "millionaire property and financial investments".
He will be taken to the Spanish mainland amid strict security to face trial.
Last night, Spanish police called Douglas "the principal narcotics dealer in his own country".
A spokesman at the National Police Headquarters in Madrid said: "We are still gathering information on this suspect.
"He was using a false passport when he entered Spain and we are still not sure of his date or place of birth.
"He is wanted on allegations of major money laundering."
A police source in Ibiza added: "We know that he has been in South Africa in recent years and could have flown in from there via Madrid or Barcelona.
"He has flown from there to Ibiza and Majorca on several occasions in the past. "He was stopped by police at the airport who suspected he was travelling on a false passport.
"Checks were carried out and that proved to be the case.
"This is an internal Spanish matter at this stage and has nothing to do with extradition to Holland, the UK or any other country where he is wanted.
"At this stage he is simply being returned to Marbella where there is a warrant outstanding in relation to this multi-million money-laundering scam."