The dramatic landscape where Andalucía ends and la Meseta starts has long been an accident black spot on the A4 road between Andalucía and Madrid.

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 The place is called Despeñaperros and years ago there were dozens of accidents on the sharp curves and steep inclines, often lorries were involved. Slowly different sections of the road have been improved and the road in each direction takes a different course because of the landscape. Now, 11 years after the project was started the last remaining section, a four km. section direction Andalucía, came into service on Monday before the summer rush. Minister for Development, Ana Pastor, said that 20,000 vehicles use ‘the gateway to Andalucía’ every day, 6,000 of them lorries. Time would be saved but she said the most important thing was increased safety. The final cost is 245 million € and the Government still has to pay 210 million in expropriations.