British girls are once again doing the nation proud after a study revealed that 40 per cent admit to having a one night stand while on holiday.

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Long regarded as the "easiest" of the nations to pull, while on alcohol fueled sun-breaks, the evidence now backs up the theory, which also stated that a third under age 30 said they romped on the beach, while one in ten classy ladies had five or more lovers during a seven day holiday. Nine out of ten also had more sex in the sun than when they're at home. The damning findings on the travel dating website,, come as a second hammer blow to the UK's women after another recent study showed they were amongst the ugliest in the world. "It is sad to see the British girls at the bottom of the pile but you get what you deserve and frankly no one is surprised; as the way they carry on is nothing short of vile and would certainly leave The Queen ashamed," a travel rep source told the "But we also have to remember these are the dregs of our society who get ratted in the sun before bonking anything they can get their hands on. They can't get any at home, so go abroad where foreigners are happy to cash in - or where they can meet like minded low class people from Britain." Greece - in particular Faliraki - and Spain are the places where most of the "trash" head to get action, bringing shame on themselves, and their proud country. Just three per cent of girls said Britain was the best place to get laid reported The Sun. The source added: "We must also remember that these figures are what the women have admitted to, so in all likelihood you can double the amount who say they've had a one night stand abroad. Also, we all know that more than one in ten sleep with five guys in a week - I know plenty who've had foursomes, with quite a few having no idea who is inside them if they're being penetrated from behind."