Diva Isabel Pantoja makes a plea bargain and will not go to prison for money laundering

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Spanish Diva, Isabel Pantoja, has reached an agreement with the Prosecuting Office, and will declare herself guilty of money laundering to avoid going to jail. The prosecutor had asked for three years in prison and a 3.68 million € fine. The deal has caused surprise in the Julián Muñoz quarter. Under the deal Pantoja admits money laundering and accepts a 1.5 million € fine and a two year prison sentence. But as she has no previous record the prison sentence will be suspended as it is not over two years. She has admitted the laundering of 1.84 million € and the plea deal means she will not have to sit on the accused bench, and be photographed in a way which would damaging to her career. El Mundo says she has also been considering her elderly mother, and that was key in her doing what she could to avoid prison. Also accused in the case is her ex boyfriend, and ex Mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz, and his ex wife, Mayte Zaldívar, whose position has been seriously compromised by Pantoja admitting her guilt. They will now have to change their defence strategy, as Muñoz has previously spoken of the singer’s innocence. The case gets underway in the Ciudad de la Justicia in Málaga on June 28, as a separated part of the Malaya case.