DRUNKEN British students have been accused of behaving like animals at a festival in Spain.

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Around 5,000 18 to 23-year-olds have taken over the Costa Dorada resort of Salou, an area popular for family summer holidays.
The undergraduates hit the headlines in Spanish newspapers and TV reports as their drunken antics came under the spotlight.
Many of the students rampage through the seaside town each night in fancy dress, roaming from bar to bar where they sink cheap alcohol until 3am.
Some youngsters have boasted about getting drunk and having casual sex with as many partners as possible during the annual Saloufest event.
Antonia, who has had a shop in the resort for 17 years, said. “It’s terrible. They behave like animals.
“They throw bottles of beer from their hotel balconies, they get naked at five or six in the afternoon.
I want parties, girls and alcohol
“They pee in bottles and then throw the bottles from their hotels. For me it’s terrible.”
Bookshop owner Roman Maria said: “They come out of the supermarkets loaded up with alcohol, they roam the streets drunk. The whole world sees it on television and it’s not a good image for Salou.”
Local authorities have turned a blind eye as the students are expected to spend around £7million in the resort this year. Last year they introduced fines for drinking in the street or being inappropriately dressed, in a bid to appease angry locals. But police have not implemented the bans during the festival.
Some bars refuse entry to the students. Other locals however said they welcomed them. “We’re happy with them. They don’t destroy anything and they don’t take drugs. They’re well behaved,” one woman said. Around 5,000 students arrived in 90 coaches on Sunday for the first leg of the festival, which has been running since 2002. Another 3,000 will arrive this Sunday. Organisers insist it is a sports festival with 22 sporting events during the day