British tourist 'beaten to death in Dubai prison cell

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Lee Bradley Brown was on holiday in the Arab state when he was arrested and thrown in jail.
It is alleged that he was beaten up by a group of police officers and then dragged from his cell.
Mr Bradley Brown was not allowed access to a lawyer or given enough food and water, it was claimed.
The first his family heard about the incident was when his sister received a call from a fellow inmate who contacted her in the UK.
The prisoner had apparently found her number as the next of kin contact in his passport which was left in his cell.
Mr Bradley Brown’s family were formally told about his death on Wednesday.
His sister, who did not want to be named, told The Daily Mail: “It is very difficult at the moment, as you would expect, and his mum is extremely upset.
“We were the ones that first contacted the British embassy in Dubai with concerns after an inmate out there got in touch with us.
“We were told unofficially on Tuesday it was true and the worst was confirmed on Wednesday.
“The inmates we spoke to at the jail are currently waiting to give statements to the police but now they’re in fear for their own lives.”
Mr Bradley Brown, from Dagenham in East London, is understood to have flown alone to Dubai for a holiday where he was staying at the Burj al Arab hotel.
He was arrested on April 6 for alleged assault, intimidating behaviour and using abusive language, it was claimed.
A British embassy spokesman said: “I can confirm the man died in custody and that the embassy is taking the allegations very seriously.
“We are launching an investigation and working with Dubai police.”