British man leaves his snakes in his will to the Bioparc Fuegirola

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A British resident of the Málaga village of Benamargosa, Nick Standen, has left 71 reptiles of 12 different species in his will to the Fuengirola Bioparc. Shortly before his death, he told family and friends that he wanted to see his collection in the hands of a body which shared his philosophy on nature and the conservation of species. Bioparc was informed and responded that they would be happy to continue with Nick’s work. Nick was a member of many British associations, and had assembled a collection of very rare species including an Angolan Python, a Ringed Tree Boa, and the Madagascar Tree Boa. The collection is already adapting to their new home and the experts at the Fuengirola Bioparc are putting the final touches to the installations for the animals to make them as suitable as possible, and so they are not on show to the public as yet.