34,500 dollars in fake notes have been confiscated

20:22 El NACHO 0 Comments

National Police have seized 34,500 dollars in fake notes after breaking up an organised network which passed counterfeit 100 dollar notes through banks and currency exchange shops in Spain.

The forged notes were found at addresses searched in Madrid, Barcelona, Ciudad Real, Alicante and Valencia, where 11 people were taken into custody.

The information which led to their arrests was provided by the US Secret Service in an operation which also involved the Bank of Spain’s Investigation Brigade, the BIBE.

The Interior Ministry said in a press release on Tuesday that a separate operation in Colombia, also with the cooperation of the BIBE and of Europol, uncovered an underground print shop in Bogotá where 2.5 million dollars in counterfeit notes were found. Two people were arrested, and the materials and equipment used to produce the notes were impounded.