Carlos Dívar denounced again over his trips to Puerto Banus

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The President of the Supeme Court is alleged to have used public money to take his breaks. The President of the Supreme Court and head of the body which oversees the judiciary, the National Commission for Market Values, Carlos Dívar, may not be in the clear after all. He was cleared last week by the Prosecutor’s Office which archived the charge of misuse of public money, brought by another member of the Commission, Manuel Gómez Benítez, regarding Dívar’s frequent long weekends in Puerto Banús, Marbella with as many as seven bodyguards and at public expense. An estimated 13,000 € was made in some 20 weekend trips, but ‘It did not constitute a crime’, was the prosecutor’s opinion. Now though a jurists association have placed their own denuncia against Dívar for the costs of his breaks on the Costa del Sol, and they are claiming new charges of fraud or misappropriation carried out a public authority. They say they see ‘a rogue act incompatible with the ethics required for his position’, and described the earlier investigation by the Prosecutors’ Office as ‘a farce or pantomime’. Dívar has denied that the personal costs generated by the trips have been paid with public funds.