Protest group organises rally on Thursday to stop British family from being evicted

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The Davies family, who are British and have six under-age children, the smallest twin 3 year olds, arrived in Barx, La Safor, in Valencia six years ago. The father Adrian works in construction and when there was no work in the UK they decided to move to La Safor and set up a business here. However this was the time that the crisis was starting in Spain, and the construction business failed to take off. Adrian went back on trips to odd contracts he still obtained in the UK, sending the money to his family in Spain. Things got worse and since 2008 the family have not been able to pay the mortgage. Now the bank wants to evict them from the property. The protest group, ‘Afectats per la Hipteca’ has been campaigning to ensure the family are still in the property tomorrow, Thursday, otherwise the children will lose their school places. The protest group say they will do all they can and have arranged a rally outside the property tomorrow to stop the eviction. One of the platform members observed that leaving children with no school is illegal. Adrian and his wife Donna say that have visited the bank more than 5 times and made dozens of calls, asking that the property be accepted to clear the debt, a practice which was been uncommon in Spain until recently. Often banks were would still try to collect a sum of money even with the keys of the property handed back. When the family came to Spain they sold their property in the UK and now the Davies find themselves with nothing left. The oldest two of the children are now living back in England, but the rest are here in Spain.