Civil Guard refuses to hand over winning lottery tickets to two colleagues

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A member of the Guardia Civil has been found guilty of making use of the prize-winning lottery tickets of his fellow agents. He refused to hand over the tickets to his colleagues and now faces six months in prison and a 900 € fine. Named as sixty year old Virginio C.P., he was in a bar in Pamplona with two other agents when they purchased three tickets from an ONCE seller who walked in for the ‘Cuponazo de los Viernes’ draw. He initially gave tickets to the two colleagues, but then they realise that the series number could make one of the tickets worth far more, and so they decided to share if that was the case. Virginio said he would look after the tickets, which the following day were each worth 35,000 €. That’s when Virginio decided he would keep the three tickets for himself.