Youth unemployment in Spain will remain above 40% until at least 2011.

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The rate of youth unemployment in Spain, which has been in the OECD's fastest growing percentage since the beginning of the crisis, is forecast to remain above 40% for at least 2011, according to projections released today. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a working document that this year youth unemployment could be 20.5% on average in its thirty member countries and around 24% for the European Union ( EU), with a peak in Spain, where there could be a turning point in the upward trend at the end of the year. Spain has seen higher levels of unemployment among persons up to 24 years at 24.6 points since the crisis began two years ago, the highest percentage followed distantly (18.5 additional points) by Ireland, where unemployment this group has tripled in this period.