One-Off Lamborghini Aventador J and Rare Reventon Roadster Spotted Together in Puerto Banus

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If bumping into one of the 20 Lamborghini Reventon Roadsters in existence sounds like a one in a million chance, we wonder what the odds are for someone to stumble upon the stealthy open top model together with the one-off Aventador J Unica speedster


Yet believe it or not, the two Italian exotics were filmed by 'Agent4Stars' parked in tandem at the Puerto Banús marina in the Spanish resort of Marbella, just last week.

The €2.1 million (US$2.6 million) Aventador J Unica is a one-off speedster-style supercar created for an unidentified Lamborghini collector. It was presented to the world at this year's Geneva Motor Show in March.

Compared to the J Unica, the Reventon Roadster is a…mass produced model as Lamborghini built some 20 examples of the exotic, which is based on the closed-top model of the same name.

A grainy video with mediocre quality follows below.