A year on from decapitation of British woman in Tenerife

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The attacker is in the psychiatric prison in Sevilla and the case against him is expected to come to court in a year's time.The body of the woman being removed It was a year ago, on May 13 2010, when one of the most dramatic cases was seen on Tenerife, when 60 year old woman, Jennifer Mills-Westley, originally from Norwich was decapitated in a Chinese supermarket in a commercial centre in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. She had retired to start a new life in the sun just a few years before. The attacker, known to be a local vagrant, chose his victim by chance. 28 year old Deyan Valentinov Deyanov was caught by the public outside the shop, carrying his victim’s head. He was found out later to be Bulgarian and had been under psychiatric treatment following previous violent episodes. He had been allowed home after treatment the previous February, and was often heard shouting in the street that he was ‘God on earth’. After the attack he has been receiving treatment in the Canaries University Hospital and was then taken to the psychiatric prison in Sevilla where he remains today, waiting for the case against him to come to court. A jury will hear that case in the Provincial Court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, once the Ministry Prosecutor form their accusation, and the man’s lawyer is confident proceedings will get underway in about a year.