Juan Antonio Roca and his fortune

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It has been revealed that Juan Antonio Roca, multiplied his money by seven during the ten years he was in Marbella between 1992 and 2002. Roca was the Municipal Real Estate Assessor, and is accused of accepting backhanders from developers who wanted to build in the town. Many cases of payments for granting licences on non-buildable land are alleged. Roca arrived on the Costa del Sol with nearly 16 million € and ten years later his patrimony was 118 million €. The number comes from a report, compiled by the Arthursen company in Madrid, requested by the defence, and it shows 185 real estate or company operations, and the purchase of 285 works of art. The Miro in the bathroom, shown in pictures when the Guardia Civil searched his home will be remembered by many. Roca started to collect art shortly after his arrival in Marbella and ended up with 285 paintings worth 17 million € according to experts in 2002. Roca has always claimed that he had money when he arrived in Marbella, in a strategy which says he did not accept backhanders, but his money came thanks to a manager who had got it right in multiplying his investments.