The Madeleine McCann mystery took a new twist today as it emerged that Spanish police are looking for the missing girl in a Costa del Sol holiday resort

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Detectives are making inquiries in Nerja after a tip-off from colleagues in Portugal.

Portuguese police are understood to have received information from an informant about a Madeleine McCann lookalike spotted in the town near Malaga.

Officers from a specialist unit are said to have been mobilised after being sent details of the sighting.

The development is thought to be connected to a new review of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

A new squad of officers has been brought in to re-examine the case.

The team, from the northern city of Porto, has been instructed to go over the thousands of pages of case files and search for new clues.


2007 - May 3: Madeleine vanishes from holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

August 21: Madeleine allegedly spotted with a man in Cartagena, Spain.

November 16: Jane Tanner says she saw a man carrying a sleeping child away 45 minutes before McCanns discovered Madeleine missing

February 13, 2008: Portuguese authorities say search for Madeleine is winding down

May 7, 2009: Channel 4 film shows artist’s impression of man seen at the apartment

November 2010: Businessman reports seeing girl matching Maddie's description with a man and two women outside shopping mall in Dubai.

February 2011: Italian ­nightclub bouncer claims Madeleine was snatched and taken to the US by a paedophile gang responsible for a dozen similar child kidnappings

May 9, 2011: Two British paedophiles quizzed by police ­investigating investigating disappearance

July 29, 2011: DNA test taken from girl in India after British woman believes it's Maddie

March 2012: Maddie 'lookalike' is spotted in Costa del Sol, Spain

The officers are working with a Scotland Yard team set up in May last year to review the investigation into Madeleine's May 2007 disappearance from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

 Respected Malaga-based daily Diario Sur said the fresh inquiries in Spain were being carried out by officers from the Judicial Police's Central Specialised and Violent Crime Unit.

Officers from the specialist police division are currently searching for two siblings who disappeared in a park in Cordoba, southern Spain on October 8.

The youngsters' dad Jose Breton was arrested over their disappearance and is being held in prison.

Police have failed to find any trace of Ruth, six, and Jose, two, despite several searches of a family home with radar equipment.

The McCanns' Portuguese lawyer Rogerio Alves has described the Portuguese police case review as a 'very postive sign'.

He said when news emerged of the creation of the new team: 'Obviously the most plausible explanation for what's happening is that information passed to or acquired by the Judicial Police in Porto has put them on the trail of something specific.'

Search spreads: Spanish police have begun searching for Madeleine McCann in the Costa del Sol after a tip off by an informant to Portuguese police

Search spreads: Spanish police have begun searching for Madeleine McCann in the Costa del Sol after a tip off by an informant to Portuguese police