Lloret de Mar turns its back on drunken tourists

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A barrage of new by-laws has been issued to control the holidaymakers.Following the disturbances seen last summer, the Lloret de Mar Town Hall has passed more restrictive by-laws designed to combat ‘drunken tourism’. Last summer clashes between drunken tourists and police led to 20 arrests when the regional police Los Mosses stopped more clients entering a discotec because the air conditioning was broken. 22 people needed medical treatment including nine officers. That is being described now as a point of inflexion in the town’s tourism. The new regulations are designed to control behaviour on the public highway and encourage civic solidarity. They include a ban on routes known as ‘pub tours’ or ‘disco tours’, and the ‘offering, requesting, promotion or discussion of accepting direct or indirect sexual services’ is banned in public spaces. The consumption of alcohol in the street is also banned as the advertising or bar promotions for alcohol with greater than 20 º content. Also out are free bars, 2X1, happy hours and club cards. Machines which serve drinks are banned on the public highway. Also prohibited is sleeping by day or night in a vehicle, and urinating in the street. There is even a new law prohibiting the practice of ‘balconing’ with fines of as much as 1,500 € for that, although some fines could be as high as 3,000 €. People will only be allowed to walk without a shirt or just in a swimming costume when they are on the beach. Mayor of Lloret de Mar, Romà Codina, said the measures had much to do with the success of similar programs in Barcelona.