Man who survived jimson weed poisoning at Getafe rave discharged from hospital

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20 year old who was admitted to hospital after attending a rave party in Getafe at the weekend, after which two others died after taking a cocktail of drugs, was discharged from hospital on Tuesday.

20 year old Álvaro L.G. was admitted to Intensive Care and analyses have shown that he took large amounts of drugs and stramonium, or jimson weed, a hallucinogenic plant which can be highly toxic.

Sources quoted by Europa Press indicate that it was a liquid preparation. He however tested negative for speed, which his friends said he had also taken. Europa Press reports that he has told the National Police that he suspects that someone slipped something into his drink.

The bodies of the two who died were both found near a local river on Sunday.

The rave was held in an abandoned building known as the Monastery of La Aldehuela. Getafe Town Hall is now studying steps to demolish the building.