150 tons of jellyfish removed from the Mar Menor

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fleet of 12 boats have working to clear the Mar Menor of jellyfish, collecting a total of 150 tons between last Friday and Wednesday this week. Numbers offshore have been substantially up this year, partly due to the easterly winds and also because of the recent theft of some of the nets which were put in place to keep the jellyfish off the beaches.

Most of those caught are Cotylorhiza Tuberculata, a species which is known as the fried egg jellyfish and does not inflict a painful sting.

In neighbouring Almería province, lifeguards on the beaches of the provincial capital have treated more than 700 people for jellyfish stings since June 1. It’s an increase of around 50 percent on the summer or 2010, and according to a spokesman from the lifeguard service quoted by Ideal newspaper, is mainly due to fewer numbers of the jellyfish’s natural predator, the Loggerhead Turtle.

Óscar Paris from ‘Cooperación 2005’ advises bathers who are stung, if there is no lifeguard station nearby, to wash the affected area in salt water and vinegar and carefully remove any remains of tentacles from the skin.