1,400 people had to be evacuated from their homes but there have been no injuries apart from one fire fighter

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Earlier reports that the fire which has affected 420 hectares close to the La Manga Club in Murcia was under control have been revised. Now the authorities say the fire is ‘stabilised’ and warn that the strong winds in the area could see the flames revive and they have to be prudent.

The golf courses of La Manga have acted a firebreak from the flames, and make up part of the 30 kilometre long perimeter which is now being patrolled.

Most of the land affected is in the Calblanque regional park, and there was much fear in Portmán where 1,400 people had to be evacuated. The Guardia Civil gave the order by knocking door to door at three in the morning on Thursday.

A single fire fighter suffering from heatstroke is thankfully the only injury from what is an environmental tragedy.
The origin of the fire remains a mystery.