Thief falls to his death in Jaén robbery after killing his victim

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Two people died in Jaén on Tuesday morning in what appears to have been a violent robbery, when a suspected thief fell to his death after fatally stabbing the occupant of the city centre flat.

It was originally thought to have been a case of domestic violence, after a call to the central National Police emergency number reported hearing a heated argument from inside the flat. The National Police have however now confirmed that was not the case.

A 22 year old woman was found stabbed to death on the floor when officers arrived on the scene, and then spotted someone trying to escape out of the window of the fourth floor flat. He lost his hold and fell to his death on the street below.

He has been identified as a 34 year old man with a previous criminal record. El Mundo reports that the murder weapon was found on his body, plus personal possessions of the woman who was killed.