The Saudi royal family is on location in Marbella.

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The Saudi royal family is on location in Marbella. This weekend was the wedding with 1.500 people invited including 400 princesses. Sara Fahd Bin Salman who is the granddaughter of the former monarch’s brother, Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.
There was increased police surveillance of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia in Marbella at the weekend and the area around the Saudi royal family palates Al-Riyadh which is located between Marbella town and Puerto Banus. Around 1,500 people were invited and many of them lived at hotel Puente Romano, Marbella Club and Villapadierna.
Entrepreneurs in Marbella rubs there hands, the Saudi royal family Fahd has over the years invested several sums of money in Marbella and continues to invest in both small and medium enterprises. Jewelers Gómez y Molina has long been the Saudi royal family as its major customers. Many real estate companies true to sell property Marbella, Marbella apartments and Marbella villas to the guests.
On the menu were fish and shellfish for Salman who is governor of Riad. He also visited the mosque or mezquitan outside Marbella to pray and honor her late brother King Fahd el Rey. It was also churros, fried corn rings of the Plaza de Los Naranjos in the Old Town and a tour too Puerto Banus for Salman.