Protests against wind mill plans off the Cádiz coast

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The Mayors of three Cádiz towns, Conil, Barbate and Vejer have said they will not allow wind farms off the coast of their municipalities. They have repeated their opposition despite the plan to build the mills in the local Puerto Real dockyard, creating or saving hundreds of jobs.

President of the energy company Acciona, Carmen Becerril, has said they still want to develop a 1,000 MW park in the Trafalgar Sea, off the coast of the three municipalities, but she admitted that social rejection of the plan was causing problems. She pointed to Germany were projects similar to that at Puerto Real had created 1,200 jobs and said she hoped the municipalities would realise what is at stake.

However since the announcement of the construction of the mills in the dockyard, a protest platform has reactivated its activities, bringing together political groups, fishermen, businessmen, unions and locals.

Antonio Roldán, the IU Mayor of Conil has said the mills should be located in the Cádiz Bay, opposite the naval factories which will make them.