Civil Guard smash major drugs cartel's money laundering network in Spain It was led by the wife of Don Lucho

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The Civil Guard have smashed the money laundering branch in Spain of one of South America’s biggest drugs cartels, with the arrest of nine people in Ribarroja del Turia, Valencia.

They include the wife of Luis Agustín Caicedo Velandia, known as ‘Don Lucho’, one of the top kingpins of the Colombian super cartel who was arrested by US authorities in Colombia last year and is now serving time in a US prison. She is understood to have led the organisation in Spain.

The Interior Ministry said in a press release on Tuesday that an additional 13 suspects have been charged under ‘Operation Ánimas Blancas’, and warrants have been issued for the arrest of another seven.

The investigation began in June last year and discovered that millions of drugs money were being sent to Spain from Colombia, Mexico and Panama for laundering and was used to buy land and property in areas including Madrid, Guadalajara, Málaga, Barcelona, the Baleares and Valencia.

The organisation also smuggled gold out of Spain by melting it down into ingots and using chemicals to change its colour.

Twelve addresses in a number of towns on Spain’s Mediterranean coast were searched as part of the operation. Officers seized 1.4 million € of cash in addition to 30 properties with a total value of more than 12 million €.