Civil Guard recover cannabis cargo after chasing aircraft through the skies of Andalucía

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The Civil Guard have recovered 700 kilos cannabis after chasing two light aircraft as they flew over Andalucía after returning from Morocco with their cargo of drugs.

The first touched down in Tabernas, Almería province, for just a few minutes on Wednesday morning, where officers were waiting on the ground to arrest three people who collected the five packages of cannabis the aircraft had left behind. The plane landed in Loja, Granada province, shortly afterwards and its pilot was arrested.

A Civil Guard helicopter meanwhile continued in pursuit of the second aircraft which landed near Ronda, Málaga, at around 2pm, some three hours after the two planes were first spotted flying over Almería. That pilot was also arrested, and the remaining cargo of cannabis was confiscated.

The suspects are the two pilots from Bulgaria and Spain, and the three people who were waiting in Tabernas to collect the consignment: another man from Bulgaria, a Moroccan, and a suspect from Norway.