Brits prefer to travel by car and ferry to villas in Spain rather than go through the stress of airport commuting.

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Nearly a quarter of hoidaymakers find the prospect of getting on to a flight as stressful as moving house, according to research by CPP.

The life assistance company noted that four in ten Brits feel stressed at airports, with the same proportion struggling at foreign airports because of the language barrier.

One in ten Brits admit that they would prefer to take alternative transport to their holiday destination, whether it be relaxing villas in Spain or 18 to 30s resort in Portugal.

Psychologist David Moxon notes that airports are conducive to raising stress levels in humans for a number of reasons.

He added: "Humans are wired to experience stress in situations where many feel out of control - and airports, where you have to follow instructions that are likely change at the last minute, and procedures that are unpredictable, lead many to react with a stress response."

However, this trend could be set to change, as younger Brits become more adept at travelling around the world by aeroplane than their parents.

Recent research by Aviva indicated that 94 per cent of Britain's children have been abroad at least once in their lifetime, while just 39 per cent of their parents had been overseas when they were kids.