Partaloa town plan stripped of illegal homes solutions

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During a recent meeting between town hall officials and AUAN it was confirmed that the Junta has insisted that large areas included in the proposals by the council are unacceptable. The area of La Canada is to be completely excluded, and the designation of urban land in Partaloa town, Retamar, Cerro Gordo and Piedra Amarilla must be considerably reduced. All other areas were never considered for inclusion in the proposed plan.

The plan fell foul of two restrictions in the planning laws (POTA and LOUA) which limit the rate at which urban land can be increased and stipulate that new urban spaces must be created next to existing urban nuclii or settlements of long standing.

Provisional approval must now be given to a much reduced plan and a further period of public consultation is required due to the significance of the changes. Approval is unlikely to be given until the end of the year.