Coin expat launches town hall legal battle

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expat is suing his town hall after authorities withheld 12,000 euros from the sale of his house, over a license he insists he had already paid in full.
Alan Dens, 63, is adamant he paid 3,600 euros for the Licence of First Occupation, after buying the property near Coin in 2001.
But after selling the house in January last year, Dens was informed by Coin Town Hall that the money was being withheld as he had not paid for the licence.
The lions share of this was in fines.
After his lawyers served the town hall with papers demanding the return of the funds, including the original receipt, he was told that the town hall had no money.
Then he was told that, in fact, he should have paid more for the licence in the first place.
“We are absolutely disgusted with the situation,” Dens told the Olive Press. “Apparently they can get away with it.”