Spanish police have launched a crackdown on the drunken antics of British students at Saloufest.

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Crackdown: Police officers in Spain have started fining British students for drinking in the street during the notorious Saloufest
Armed officers have started enforcing laws banning drinking in the street or roaming half-naked around the seaside resort.
Two students wearing togas were hauled to a police station and fined £265 pounds last night for flouting the no drinking law.
Police were also ordering students back to their hotels to put on t-shirts after hundreds of youths went out shirtless.

Officers had previously turned a blind eye to the breaking of the local bylaws  - but decided to act after the students' antics hit the headlines.

On Sunday 60 coaches carrying 3,000 18-to-23-year-olds arrived in Salou on the Costa Dorada for the second leg of Saloufest.

They replaced a group of 5,000 who went home last Thursday.

Hours after arriving, the new group hit the town in fancy dress, roaming from bar to bar drinking cheap shots and beer.

The two students dressed in togas were held at midnight outside Burger King after local cops spotted them drinking in the street.

They were driven to a police station after rowing with the cops who ordered them to throw the alcohol away.
A police source said: 'If they hadn't been stupid enough to argue they would probably have got away with it.

'As it is they've been fined more than the cost of their holiday.'

An hour later, at 1am, a youth with a Leeds Metropolitan University t-shirt on dropped his trousers and exposed his privates to passing motorists.

By 3am the last of the students were stumbling drunkenly back to their hotels.

Last week newspaper El Mundo described the youngsters' antics as 'a whirlwind that would would shame any parent'.

Some locals have accused them of behaving 'like animals'.

But many businesses, struggling in the grip of recession, have welcomed the students with open arms.

They are expected to spend around £7 million over the course of the two legs of the festival.

Montse Badia, 45, who runs a food and drinks store, said: 'They come in every day and stock up on food, water and beer, and they're really keeping my business going at the moment.

'I think the people who complain have forgotten what it's like to be young and enjoy yourself.'

Maria Gomez, 22, who works in the Express Italia pizzeria, said: 'They get drunk and sing and shout, but as far as I'm concerned they're just having a good time.

'They never cause any trouble.'

Eduardo Abenojar, 43, who owns the bars Underground and Bus Stop, said: 'They're good kids just out to have some fun. I love having them in my bars.'

And a spokeswoman for Salou Town Hall, in charge of local police, said: 'Overall the students have been very well behaved with no incidents of note.

'They will be welcome back next year.'

Organisers say the tour is primarily about the 22 sporting events the students take part in during the trip.

They describe it as the 'biggest and best sports festival for British and Irish students'.