Mayor of Alhaurín el Grande ordered to pay damages to the main witness in the Troya corruption case

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Juan Martín Serón, the Partido Popular Mayor of Alhaurín el Grande who faces trial this September in the Troya corruption case, has been sentenced for defamatory statements he made about the main witness in the case.

The Mayor has been ordered to pay 15,000 € to the developer who reported the corruption, who Martín Serón publically as an ‘abuser of women’. Diario Sur reports that his defence claimed at the hearing that his intention was not to damage the man’s honour, but to show that ‘the person who had denounced him lacked credibility’.

The aim, they said, was not to prevent him declaring as a witness in the case, nor to threaten him.

The Málaga branch of PSOE called on the Partido Popular, after the news of the sentence was made public on Thursday, to demand the immediate resignation of the Mayor of Alhaurín.

The Troya corruption case comes to court on September 22, when Juan Martín Serón and another 19 suspects will take the stand. The Mayor faces a possible four and a half years in prison, a 19 year ban from office and a fine of 500,000 €.