Phil Cottrell, Managing Director of Forensic Wealth Management, the Marbella based commodity Brokers

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Phil Cottrell, Managing Director of Forensic Wealth Management, the Marbella based commodity Brokers, has built a reputation of delivering high performance investment opportunities.

Mr Cottrell has spent many years building a network of highly skilled, experienced professionals, Each with their own area of expertise.

Mr Cottrell comments “having a highly skilled, 100% trustworthy team around me is essential

For delivering the level of service our clients expect and deserve. We are increasingly having

To extend our areas of expertise in line with our clients needs and expectations. One such area is the world of fine art investment”

The primary reason behind investing in works of art should be aesthetic, and for many, this is enough. However, the resale of an investment piece at the right time can bring spectacular returns, and meanwhile you have the advantage of tax-deferred capital appreciation.


Well Philip Cottrell of Forensic Wealth Management Spain, a very interesting character, not only a fine art expert but a vintage wine expert plus gold and property expert. Will his talents never cease, if you google this chap you will see information on his past regards to lost deposits and his time at Andalucian Dream Homes as well as Fortuna Estates or Fortuna land!

Anonymous said...

1) Is this the same Philip Cottrell who worked for Andalucian Dream Homes as marketing director ?

2) Is this the same philip Cottrell who worked as a senior manager at Fortuna Land/Estates, who then became Oanna? If so then there is a lot of investors who are wishing to talk with him along with a lawyer fighting a class action in Malaga who would like a long chat!

3) Is this the same Phil Cottrell who then opened Forensic Wealth Management, dealing in Property then gold dust, fine art and fine wines who then seemed to shut down quickly with unpaid clients?

4) Is this the same Phil Cottrell who is now the conservative abroad chairman for marbella?

5) Is this the same Phil Cottrell whos mother was high sherif of Kent?

6) Is this the same Phil Cottrell who has family in Gibraltar?

the answers please.....

david rowe said...

whatt a load of old crap philip cottrell is writing on the internet to try to remove the blogs and posts by people he has ripped off, where is my money philip?, gold dust,fine art,ranger rover and property all areas where he has taken money. please beware, philip cottrell spain, philip cottrell spain, a ripp of artist.

Anonymous said...

Philip Cottrell owes me money, unfortunately I gave Phillip Cottrell €6,000 euros as deposit on two apartments which never materialized and since October 2010 Philip Cottrell has been promising the repayment of this money but this has never materializes as well, he is very plausible playing on his family name but it seems that he makes his money with his associate Dave Miller from collecting payments and deposits for services but never delivering .
I am living in the Marbella area and have been in touch with people that are owed money by these two individuals and feel that the only way of at least making it harder for them to conduct activities is to prepare a file and give it to the Guardia Civil to investigate and also we have spoken to the local press who are also interested in this sorry story if we have written evidence.
So I am asking for anyone who has tried to recover lost funds through legal means also anyone with written proof of money transferred for services that never materialized to contact me whether it be a Range Rover Deposit, a deposit on a property, Gold Dust investment, fine art investment, cigarettes, wine ETC, ETC as I am in the process of collecting as much written evidence that I can to present through an attorney to the local authorities and local press.
Please email me at and leave your contact details and I will contact you the only way to stop these two is get the local authorities involved as nothing else has worked, so the plan is to get as many cases together of payments taken without delivery and present them to the Guardia Civil and the local press to give it notoriety this deserves.
And keep up the posts as Philip Cottrell is very keen to get his activities out of the limelight.
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