2,205 jobs were lost in the catering industry

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Easter Week, workers protested on the streets of Malaga against the 15.9% loss of employment in the hotel sector in 2009. On the Costa del Sol in 2009, a total of 2,205 jobs were lost in the catering industry, which makes up a 15.9% drop. However, the unions are insisting that a decrease in employment of this magnitude makes no sense since it is not in proportion to the drop in tourism activity.

The problem is that the majority of hotels with work-related conflicts and management problems are those belonging to real estate companies who only run the hotels at peak season to earn high profits, such as Los Monteros and Las Dunas, or those who are in the process of refinancing, such as the Guadalpin hotels, Byblos, Incosol and Torrequebrada.
Easter Week is the true test, according to the unions. Hotels on the Costa del Sol expect 70% occupancy while in Seville they anticipate 75%, all of this translating into a lucrative Easter Week.