María Teresa Navarro is reported to have diverted 158,000 € into her own account

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The spokesman at the Marbella Ayuntamiento, Félix Romero, has said that the Town Hall will act against Juan Antonio Roca’s legal administrator and take ‘the opportune measures’.It follows the revelation that María Teresa Navarro, the legal administrator for the ex Municipal Real Estate Assessor in Marbella, allegedly diverted 158,000 € from the accounts of his companies to her own.Marbella Town Hall wants Roca, the man at the centre of the Malaya case, and two other top GIL party members to return 24.3 million € which was stolen by them according to the firm sentence of the Supreme Court in the Saqueo case.Navarro is also now under investigation for carrying out a possible crime, given that four of the five payments are not reflected in the accounts of the companies concerned.